About Arth

Arth is a culture fest that keeps alive the meaning of our culture. It focuses on literature, culture, society, music, traditions, history and art. Arth takes you through the richness of India — one of the world’s most ancient living civilisations that discovers and re-discovers itself every day, conjures myriad meanings for different people. It is a civilisation united by its diversity, the richness of its culture, the glories of it’s past, the turbulences and triumphs, the landmarks of each era, and the knowledge and legacy that has come down through the centuries. As you walk through India’s history, her geography, her linguistic, scientific and artistic contributions, your individual interpretation will be your discovery, your meaning, your ARTH!

Look forward to lectures and panel discussions by some of the most celebrated and respected scholars of the country, intellectuals, journalists, authors, performers, artists and members of parliament. That’s not all, experience workshops ranging from Indic arts to a curated expo focusing on Indic crafts, and indulge in an elaborate food flea.

About Art At Arth

Art At Arth is a specially curated mentorship program with some of the best artists from all over the country. Here is your chance to work with the stalwarts of the industry.








Sajid Wajid Shaikh

Aaquib Wani

Romicon Revola

Haribaabu Naatesan

Harsha Durugadda